Ignis Studios created a winner with the popular Hoplite Hero puzzle game for iOS and Android and the recent purchase of Seed of Lux could bring the little boutique national recognition. Those are the two most discussed titles from Ignis Studios, but role-playing game fans will be thrilled to know the company is releasing THREE different strategy RPG games in the first quarter of 2018. This spring, take control of a mercenary group, criminal enterprise, or zombie apocalypse survivor band in these exciting new offerings.

Role-playing games (RPGs) go back many decades, but were made popular by the Final Fantasy series on Nintendo and PlayStation, especially Final Fantasy VII in 1997. Role-playing games are all about world building. Players control a character through an arduous journey with a detailed storyline and complex bad guys. Characters begin with poor fighting skills, which can be “leveled up” by defeating enemies. RPGs often involve an entire cast of characters with different attributes and skills. These games often take 30-plus hours to beat as players level up, defeat difficult bosses, and usually partake in extra missions to make characters extremely powerful. The best RPGs have hours of extra content and vast universes to explore.

RPGs are still incredibly popular on console systems, but mobile gaming companies are getting in on the act, creating new games or bringing back classics like Chrono Trigger and FF7. Ignis Studios is diving into the strategy RPG realm, games that combine traditional role playing elements with tactical concepts like World of Warcraft.

Die Zombie Nation! is a strategy RPG where you need to fight for survival in a world overcome by zombies. With similarities to The Walking Dead and Dead Island (getting the theme here?), Die Zombie Nation! drops players into a country where law has broken down due to the outbreak of zombies. Take command of survivors and fortify your territory from the angry hoards of living dead. For ambitious players, power awaits in a nation that lacks authority. Become the most powerful warlord in the land and rule it all.

Mercenary Squad sets players in a situation like the later Metal Gear Solid games. Take control of your very own soldier-for-hire enterprise and start raking in cash for your team. In this strategy RPG game, control your mercenary in missions to fund your organization. The more missions you complete, the more weapons and upgrades you can afford. But watch out for rival mercenary groups – you aren’t the only soldier looking for business.

Finally, Crime Rivals looks to be a great addition to Ignis Studios’ archive. In the mold of Grand Theft Auto, you are the city’s top criminal and you’re looking to expand your territory. In this no holds barred game, the world is yours to do as you please. Want some money? Take it from the closest person you see. Need a ride? Hijack that sports car at the red light. The only rules in this RPG are keep your guns loaded and your head on a swivel.