Ignis Studios has been a busy little boutique in the last 12 months. In addition to releasing Hoplite Hero, an addictive Match Three game available for iOS and Android, they have four different strategy RPGs on the way each with unique universes and storylines. In one world, zombies have overrun the earth. In another, you control an entity made of pure energy. RPGs have been making a comeback on mobile phones and these games only add to the excitement.  

Strategy RPGs are also known as tactical RPGs because they incorporate wartime scenarios into traditional role-playing situations. You’ll have your usual 3-4 person battle party participating in turn-based combat, but you’ll also command an entire legion of troops on isometric battlefields. You’ll still gain experience and level-up your characters and there’s a mountain of extra content to uncover. Here’s the excitement level for each game, ranked:  

4) Crime Rivals 

Build your criminal empire by any means necessary in this top-down strategy RPG. In top-down RPGs, players view the action from above instead of the usual first-person perspective. It’s like controlling your character with a drone. In Crime Rivals, you’re a budding “entrepreneur” looking to establish yourself in a new city. And in this town, anything you see is yours for the taking. But remember, you aren’t the only one controlling an underground organization. If you liked Grand Theft Auto, you’ll love Crime Rivals. So why is it fourth? Check out the unique characters you control in the next three games.  

3) Mercenary Squad 

Here’s another chance to build an empire, only this time your influence can extend past any city limit or country border. Mercenary Squad is a strategy RPG where you lead your very own mercenary force in a quest for recognition and control. Similar to the later editions of the Metal Gear Solid series, you’ll build your soldier-of-fortune team from the ground up. Gain money and experience by going on missions of varying difficulty and complexity. Upgrade your weapons, train your troops, and take control of the gun-for-hire market. The ability to freelance and undertake a variety of missions makes this an anticipated title.  

2) Die Zombie Nation 

The Walking Dead meets mobile gaming in this strategy RPG taking place in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. Different bands of survivors fight for control of the nation while the undead roam looking for food (that’s you!). Play alone or with friends to combine forces and take over what’s left of the world. You’ll have to fortify your territory not only against the infected hoard but from rival survivors looking to squeeze in on your land.  

1) Seed of Lux 

The most anticipated game from Ignis Studios is also the largest and most otherworldly. Seed of Lux is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where players control characters composed of pure energy called ‘Lux’. As a Lux, you’ll choose a mortal avatar to roam the world of Noch seeking answers to the puzzle of your existence. Like Starcraft, you’ll build a base of operations (called a Gizmo) and gather resources for expansion. Explore dungeons, pilot battle mounts, and train your Lux to be the most powerful in the land!