Ignis Studios stepped into the console RPG realm with their purchase of Seed of Lux, the massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) scheduled for release on XBox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, and PC. With a powerful storyline and complex list of quests to perform, players will be spending a lot of time with their avatars.

Character development is an important trait in any well-written RPG storyline. Google search results of full of different “Top Ten Worst RPG Character” lists. Boring or irritating characters make it tough to finish games to completion. RPG characters need interesting backstories and unique traits to make them special. Without well-crafted characters, you might end up with a pariah. For example, in Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 13, strong female characters like Lightning and Fang were very popular and well-received, while dainty and giggly Vanille was disliked. After Final Fantasy 7 took console RPGs mainstream, the series slipped with Final Fantasy 8 thanks to Squall, the brooding and detached main character.

When Ignis Studios acquired Seed of Lux, they made a statement that characters still matter in the world of mobile gaming. Building an enjoyable storyline is difficult without malleable characters. RPGs often have more than 30 hours of story progression baked in, so playing with characters who don’t grow or learn more about themselves gets very tedious. Ignis Studios plans to fight that tediousness with 15 different playable characters, each with motives and backstories. The seed of Lux’s website has released information on three characters so far, and needless to say, we’re intrigued.

Kessel and Tenzo

This crafty old bird has a few tricks up his sleeve… and then there’s Tenzo. Tenzo is accompanied by his loyal falcon Kessel (no relation to the NHL player). Having a bird of prey at his side give Tenzo a number of unique advantages. Kessel can collect building and crafting materials while Tenzo performs other tasks. And most importantly, Kessel can fly in recovery items whenever his master’s health or appetite reaches a critical level.


Isaac is an old soul with an eye for objects of the past. He’s also a history buff in more ways than one. As veteran watchmaker, Isaac has tapped into a rare talent to transform time around him. If he’s killed in the battlefields, Isaac can rewind time to before the encounter and continue on his way. Additionally, Isaac’s non-playable characters collect valuable materials faster than usual.


This mysterious woman chases storms across the land, fostering a unique relationship with the weather of Noch. When bad weather strikes with Haze around, her powers increase. During rainstorms, her movement, speed, and defense are enhanced. She can even bypass locks during storms. But friends and enemies alike should take heed of her connection to lightning. Staying close to her for too long could lead to shocking consequences.

Seed of Lux is sure to have a diverse collection of playable characters judging by these three bios. Keep checking out the game’s main website for updates on more characters and storyline features.