Hoplite Hero, the “most mythical” match three puzzle game from Ignis Studios, recently notched its 239th five-star rating on the Apple App Store. Combined with another 71 on the Google Play store, this debut offering from the boutique indie studio has anticipation rising for the next big thing. The indie game development company is preparing for a monster 2018 with four new offerings in the making, but the the mobile game space has already gotten a taste with Hoplite Hero, a game that’s as challenging as it is addictive. Adding another 71 five-star reviews from the Google Play stores brings the total to 300 for this growing puzzle giant.

In this universe (if you can call it a universe), take control of mythical beasts and blast your way through over 100 levels. The average level is set up is a familiar one to veterans of match three games. Using your finger, draw lines connecting creatures of the same color to blow them off the board. You must connect at least three creatures, but there’s no limit to the chain – link as many like-colored creatures as you can in each turn.

Each level has a different shaped board – some are small, some fill the whole screen, and some have multiple columns or rows. The goals for each level vary depending on how well you’ve performed. In some levels, you’ll have set number of tries and must clear the board within 15 or so moves. In other levels, you’ll have a two minute timer and must achieve a certain number of points within that time to advance. And in more levels, you must collect tokens placed within the board by blowing away the creatures surrounding them. The combinations are endless and according to the reviews, so is the fun.

Here’s a sample of reviews from the Apple App Store:

Lherault – Dec 17, 2017

“I have truly enjoyed this challenging game up til level 16

I have been on this level for over a week playing daily and several times during the day.

I am a handicap person so my iPad and games help my day”

Nanari18 – Dec 3, 2017

“I have had this game for about 1 weeks and never had any problem up. So I love this game so far. This is so different from other games that i can’t explain. Thank you for making an app like this.”

Nickname107 – Nov 22, 2017

“This game is different than the rest. The aspect of the game that you can connect diagonally puts a whole new twist on the strategies you can use to reach the new objectives each round challenges you with. It’s a fun game and it’s definitely worth the download!!”

Hoplite Hero is available now for iOS and Android and has been updated recently to fix minor bugs and add additional content. Loading time has improved, levels are more plentiful than ever, and in the newest addition, you’ll get to take on the “sinister seven-headed puzzle pygmy marmoset”. Its name already sounds scary!