Ignis Games recently purchased Seed of Lux, a massive new online RPG sure to delight fans of all ages. Seed of Lux will be an enormous undertaking, with added features resembling those from RPG classics like Xenogears and Final Fantasy VII. With hours of extras to explore, Ignis Studios isn’t just making a game, they’re building a vast universe with countless secrets to undercover.

As mentioned previously, Seed of Lux is a massive multiplayer online RPG taking place in the infinitely-expandable land of Noch. Players build up bases on different biomes to amass power and wealth. Creatures that must be defeated roam the landscape, but once the sun goes down, their power increases. The goal of your quest? To find out why you exist.

While story elements and events are yet to be released, extra features and secrets have been and there’s a lot to unpack. Some of these ventures require massive amounts of resources, and so won’t be accessible early in the game. But some extras simply need a little luck to find and their rewards can be great.


While wandering the boundless world of Noch, players might encounter dark caverns in the earth. These openings are the infamous RPG dungeons, only these chambers contain riches no other player will match. Dungeons are home to special, one-of-a-kind items or equipment that only your character will be able to use. But these pits are treacherous – powerful monsters wander the grounds and the caverns themselves are unstable. If the dungeon collapses, say goodbye to your unique loot.


In Xenogears, a Squaresoft RPG on the original PlayStation, players controlled two characters – a human (or humanoid) and a giant robot called a Gear. In Seed of Lux, players who amass enough resources can pilot massive structures called H.U.S.Ks. These battle mounts are completely customizable, helping speed up your exploration of Noch. Each H.U.S.K. comes with a specialization – could be hand-to-hand combat, could be ballistics. These machines can defeat enemies more easily, harvest resources more efficiently, and speed up your travels. And some aren’t even machines, but living, breathing creatures needing food to survive. Having massive battle mounts is beneficial, but they’re expensive to maintain, so make sure you have a steady supply of resources.

Nightmare Monsters

In the land of Noch, day and night are, well, night and day. The monsters you encounter during the day may be challenging, but they’re nothing compared to the beasts who only come out at night. Darkness gives creatures new powers and abilities. They’re faster, stronger, and sometimes have the ability to transform into completely different creatures. Beware of sundown in Noch unless you’ve powered up your character sufficiently.

Seed of Lux is a massive universe to explore, but the secret features can give your character an edge, especially against dungeon beasts and creatures of the night. Release is coming soon so stay tuned for more information. And don’t forget to visit the Seed of Lux website for pre-order and beta testing info.