Survival is the focus of any strategy RPG, and Seed of Lux is no different in that respect. In the vast landscape of Noch, you’ll encounter players out for your loot and monsters craving your blood. If you get caught unprepared for night, good luck surviving the unspeakable horrors that dominate the moonlit countryside. Your character can only do so much on his or her own. To thrive (and not just survive) Seed of Lux, you’ll need a base of operations, a sanctuary where you can rest, heal, and build new equipment. These bunkers are called ‘gizmos’ in the world of Noch and they are key to your advancement in the game.

Building a home base and claiming territory are components similar to those in strategy games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft. You start out small and unprotected – just a simple drone with supplies to harvest. As you gather resources and increase your wealth, new buildings can be constructed and soldiers can be trained. Protect your base with defense structures and expand your empire to new resource deposits. Once you’ve developed a superior army, you attack the other players’ bases and try to eradicate their forces.

This model has been popular in strategy games for decades, and Seed of Lux has tweaked it for the action RPG format. Your gizmo is your haven from the dangerous world of Noch and developing it into an impenetrable fortress will keep your character healthy and powerful. As your character grows, you’ll gain non-playable character (NPC) followers to live at your bunker. These NPCs will be loyal servants eager to please their leader in any way possible. Using these followers properly will help your character become the strongest in the land.

The NPCs have a number of tasks they can perform while you’re out wandering the wilderness. Depending upon your wishes, they can develop or improve a number of aspects your missions. NPCs can gather critical resources for upgrades to both character and gizmo. They can build new equipment to help in battle and find ingredients for meals that they cook themselves. They’ll even study the literature in your gizmo’s archives to find ways to earn extra Lumen. These little guys can do so much for you, even when you aren’t present at the base.

Your followers are dedicated, but they’ll still need help to survive the night. Before developing powerful attacks and weapons, you’ll want to guard your gizmo and followers with some basic defense options. Keeping your follower’s morale up means a more efficient expansion machine. Morale, power, and supplies are the three key components of your base team. Keep them happy, healthy, and well-stocked, and you’ll reap the benefits.

Seed of Lux has an infinite number of areas to track and ever-evolving ways to explore them. Your character will need support during their journey. Discovering why you exist is a difficult goal to achieve and the world of Noch is unforgiving. Without a bunker as a stronghold, your mission will be impossible.