Deozoa: Legends of Eden

Deozoa: Legends of Eden

Deozoa is a fantasy universe featuring turn-based strategy and monster catching. Unlike other monster games, humans battle side by side with their Deozoa to fight their way to victory. You will play through a rich storyline, beautiful graphics, and a tactical gridless battling system with over 90 monsters, and 10 playable characters.

  • Available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Ouya
  • Capture and Befriend Over 90 Monsters
  • Evolve Your Deozoa
  • Recruit 10 Characters to Your Team
  • Level Up and Upgrade Human Classes
  • Use the Elements to Your Advantage
  • Fight in a Free-Form Battling System

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About Us

A husband, a wife, and a brother quickly become a team of seven, all with a dream to create a truly enjoyable monster catching game.

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