Welcome Ryan!


We needed help, and we needed it fast. Thankfully, we found Ryan. Ryan found us. We needed a programmer. He needed graphics. It was a match made in heaven. We are so excited to welcome Ryan to the family. And from his picture, we think he’s pretty excited too.

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Busy Christmas Break


We had a more than busy Christmas break this year. Here is a quick picture of *most* the notes we made! The game is progressing very nicely.

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Ignis Studios at GDC!


Truman and Miles went to the Game Developers Conference here in Austin! They met a lot of great developers and rubbed elbows with some of the best!

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Ignis Welcomes Mason!


We are so excited to welcome our newest team member, Mason Brennan, to the Ignis family! Mason is studying at St. Edwards University and will help us develop our sprites, animations, and battle environments. So welcome to the team, Mason!

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Join us on the Forums!


So although we stopped Kickstarter, we still want the community to be part of the development of Deozoa. On the forums, you can help name monsters, name items, and give feedback. You can also volunteer to be a beta tester! We will even feature monster creation contests from time to time, so be sure to check in […]

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Cancelled Kickstarter


So we have decided to stop our Kickstarter campaign for the time being. We launched our game on Kickstarter early in development because we wanted to involve you, the community, in the design of Deozoa. With over $13,000 raised and 300+ loyal backers, we think Kickstarter has been an incredible success in building a community. […]

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Jesse and Charis working hard


I could not help taking a photo from our last team meeting. Charis, our human relations director, is working hard. Jesse, maybe not so much.

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Welcome Miles Greenberg!


We are proud to announce the newest member to the team – Miles Greenberg! Miles studied the Business of Gaming at St. Edward’s University. He will be assisting with Deozoa’s gameplay, level design, as well as our social media efforts! Welcome Miles! We are so excited to have you on the team!

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Over 110 backers and $5,000!


As of today, we have 114 backers and have raised over $5,000! We have been so excited by the positive responses we have been getting. Thank you all for supporting our game!

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Already a Staff Pick!


We are only 5 and a half hours into our Kickstarter launch and we are already a Staff Pick! We hope this kind of momentum keeps up! Thanks everyone for supporting us! We could not do this without you!

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