The Team

lauren truman jessekam John
CEO // Co-Founder // Art Director

Lauren Ellis is a professional web designer and Art Director for the past 5 years. In her spare time, Lauren is found designing, cooking, and Jeet Kune Do-ing (Bruce Lee’s mixed martial art). She is loves dogs, tattoos, a good margarita and all things happy (like the ukulele). Lauren lives in Austin, TX.

Co-Founder // Technical Director

Truman Ellis is a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin studying Computational Science, Engineering, and Mathematics. He is a big programming nerd and enjoys discussing programming languages, text editors, and finite elements. Truman loves swimming, running, Jeet Kune Do, and gardening, and is married to Lauren.

Co-Founder // Writing Director

Jesse Kamrath, Lauren’s brother, is the writing mastermind and game mechanic. Jesse is currently studying at Liberty University in Christian counseling. His favorite word is inherent. Jesse loves video games, Aikido, knives, guns, and good old kung fu movies. He is also quite good at dancing. Jesse currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lead Developer

Ryan Harrington joined Ignis Studios in late 2013 to help head up the game development on the Unity platform. Ryan lives and breathes developing games, as he has already built several RPGs. He currently lives in Spokane, Washington.

howard John charis
Lead Character Artist // Animator

Howard is our amazing artist that develops the look for all characters and monsters. Don’t believe us? Just check out his Deviant Art page. His favorite games are Phoenix Wright, Metal Gear Solid, and Kingdom Hearts, just to name a few. Howard graduated in 2012 from University of California and currently lives in the Bay Area.


John Bailey joined the team in spring of 2013 to help the game development. John works full time as a software engineer and has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Arizona State University. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Human Relations

Charis (Greek for grace) is the Ellis’s dog. She was found as a stray on the highway. The Ellises came to look at another dog, but she walked by and that was that. She loves swimming, breakfast, ducks, snuggling, and squirrels. Nicknames include: Care Bear, Charis Bearis, Bear, Butter Bear, Charis-Bearawesome, Charis Borealis, and Smiles M’gee.


alexandre tobby
Background Artist // Alexandre is an amazing illustrator, character designer, and environment designer based in France. He is currently helping us with animated city backgrounds for Deozoa. Check out his portfolio.
Background Artist // Tobby is a very talented background artist located in the Philippines. He is also helping us design the beautiful world of Deozoa and illustrating backgrounds for the cutscenes. Check out his Deviant Art page.

About Us

A husband, a wife, and a brother quickly become a team of seven, all with a dream to create a truly enjoyable monster catching game.

The Studio

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