Ignis Studios, LLC, is an independent game company founded in 2012. We are proud to be located in the beautiful city of Austin, TX. A husband, wife, and brother, who have played  video games throughout their lives, discussed their ideal monster catching game. What started as a “what if,” brought us to where we are today.

Ignis is Latin for fire. Our goal is to build meaningful, personal, and positive video games. So often games are too casual to care about or so epic and depressing they leave you with a bad feeling. As much as we like those kinds of games, we love exploring an uplifting story with thoughtful characters. We choose “ignis” because like fire, we wanted our games to ignite throughout the gaming industry and prove that love really does explode all.

About Us

A husband, a wife, and a brother quickly become a team of seven, all with a dream to create a truly enjoyable monster catching game.

The Studio

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